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19. april 2011

Demonstration of Lotus Software

af Lotusdk

Welcome to my first post on the Lotus blog. To introduce my self; I am a computer science student working part time in IBM where I am assisting Tech Sales here at Lotus. I am also assigned to IBM Software Group Technical Exploration Centre (TEC)  that provides Software Sales and Technical Specialists with the right tools, environment and processes to run cost effective, technical demonstrations, to provide customers with the insight about our products.
Just recently I have configured our new Lotus blade, enabling us to demonstrate our server software on a quad core Xeon processor and 32 GB of memory. It is running VMware ESXi and it will therefore be possible to run multiple images on the same system.

Together with this blade server, we recently got a bunch of ThinkPad W510 laptops, that we can book and use for demo purposes. These run a core i7 processor and 10 GB of memory. These can therefore also pull off most software thrown at them. So I am assisting in setting these systems up so that the team can utilise them for customer engagements and demos.

With this setup it will be possible for us to demonstrate all the Lotus software we desire for our customers.

/Jens Pallesen

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