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16. maj 2011

Your Lotuslive Cloud just got 99 new features…

af henrikhammer

Over the last months I have worked on a couple of projects where I have used Lotuslive to collaborate internally and externally. In particular I have enjoyed working with communities, which is a great way to collaborate inside and across your organizational boundaries. People I have worked with have been amazed by how much more efficient you can be as compared to traditional email. As an example you can share files securely, create activities and thus assign and track work tasks to members of your community. By comparison, traditional collaboration via email really is a thing from a distant past – I’ll never go back, nor will the people I have worked with over the last months.

So it was a great joy for me to learn that Lotuslive recently got 99 new features, which will allow me to collaborate even more intelligently. Below I’ll look at some of the new stuff in Communities.

However, first I would like to reflect upon the fact, that I got all these new capabilities without having to do anything. Because Lotuslive is collaboration in the cloud, they all became available to me as part of the update of Lotuslive which took place over the first weekend of May.

If you don’t know already Lotuslive is updated every 3-4 months. Compare this to how often you get to enjoy new features from on-premises software? Often people have to wait for years before their internal IT departments schedule major functionality updates, so using a cloud service really allows me to adopt innovative new features at a much more rapid pace.

So what are the 99 new features exactly?

There are 2 great places to go to find out:

Firstly, there is the official Lotuslive wiki:

Secondly Erik Vos published a great post on the Lotuslive Blog:

Here he used the new charting functionality in Lotuslive to graphically depict the new features in Lotuslive Engage – according to component they belong to:

New features in Lotuslive

As you can see, there has been a lot of updates (35 in total) to the Community component.  Among others the ability to add Subcommunities. I think this greatly improves the value of a community.

Sometimes communities grow big over time and it adds a lot to its structure and easy of navigation to divide it into Subcommunities. You can restrict access to a Subcommunity to certain people or groups, and you can create separate activites or Forums (aka blogs) in these Subcommunities.

Here is a screenshot of a Community I created which have 2 Subcommunities embedded:


Collections in Lotuslive are now called folders. Again from a Community perspective, you can now share not only files but also folders with your Community or Subcommunity. Like most people I like to organize my files (even when they are tagged) in folders, so this is also a welcome change, as it allows me to share multiple related files with a particular workgroup.

To futher add to the flexibility of a Community you can now move individual posts in a Forum to other Forums in the Community where the post may be more relevant.

I have taken a quick screenshot of the move modal window here to the right. As you can see I can move the topic “Presentations” to another forum. In this case to Forum2, where I want this topic to appear.

These were but some of the new collaborative features in Lotuslive. There are many more and new ones get added every 3-4 months. Again it is collaboration in the cloud, so if you have an account, you can enjoy these new features without any installs on your side. So stay tuned, and enjoy collaboration in the cloud 🙂

If you would like to try out Lotuslive go to The trial lasts 60 days.

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